About Me

Multi-Talented Artist, Bicyle Traveller, Creative Director & Entrepreneur

OLMO works and grows like the tree! It's my middle name and my own business. I study the world through my own eyes while travelling on a bicycle and living abroad for years. Over the time I collected many impressions from this planet and its varity of nature and culture, which I process through my art now.

When I paint, I find peace. I dive deep into my inner world, it's mainly an improvisation, I rarely have an idea what I want to paint before I start. I am working really intuitive. It start with a movement, that goes over into a next one until shapes show up.

Once a friend criticized one of my paintings as being something that a 5 year old could paint and even though art critics are the worst people in this world to me, I saw that as a huge confirmation to my work. Exactly this intuitive free expression is what I want to achieve through my art. 

I never learned how to paint, I just observed how nature works, my favorite artist of all time. I got an idea of when a painting is complete to me, it's a fusion of colors, shapes and organization that might be hard to find from the outside. Art does something with us, or it doesn't, which is also something. In any way it somehow provokes us. Whatever you receive from my work, feel free to share it with me.



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Jannik OLMO Jürgens 2021